German Shepherd


    A German Shepherd is a beautiful, confident, and historical dog.       

Their pointed upright ears and sharp muzzle give it a wolfish look and they are large like them to. German Shepherd’s can come in all different colors such as black, tan, white, creamed-colored, or black and gray. Some are shorthaired, longhaired, and even wirehaired. (Stiff hair)   

     A German Shepherd is a confident, fearless, companion and it is eager to learn! If it is treated properly, it will be cheerful, bold, and alert and it’s very good with children. It only barks when necessary and not hostile. If you don’t give the dog proper training, handling, and breading it will attack you. It also will attack if you leave it alone for long periods of time.    

    German Shepherd is a dogs first ancestor. In most countries they usually have shorthaired German Shepherds. In the 1900`s the Breed of a German shepherd spread all over Germany and to other countries. Now you know what it looks like acts like and it’s history.

By Ali

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