Just in time for Halloween
Try our Math Word Problems!

Mrs. Fitzgerald and Mrs. Taverna's classes created math word problems.  Give them a try and see if you can solve them.

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Olivia's Special Challenge


Five Mummies + Five Ghosts of Elvis by Stephen
Eight Witches - Three Witches by Joey

Eight Goblins + Eight pieces of Pie by Ariel
NinePumpkins + Four Ghosts by Alexander
Eight Cats + Eight Cats by Anthony
Nine Pumpkins - Four Pumpkins by Kevin
Ten Cats + Ten Bats by Jennifer
One Mummy + Two Witches by Amani
Twenty Headless Horsemen + Twenty Headless Horsemen by Desiree
Twenty Vampires + Ten Ghosts by Laura
Six Ghosts - Four Ghosts by Will
Four Monsters + Seventeen Monsters by Elizabeth
Two Pumpkins + Five Ghosts by Sadia
Four Witches + Nine Headless Horsemen by Chaithanya

Twenty Ghosts + Two Ghosts by Demetrios
Eight Ghosts + Three Ghosts by Janwillem
Eight Ghosts - Three Ghosts by Danielle
Six Ghosts - Four Ghosts by Paul
Four Ghosts + Four Ghosts by Cory

Twenty Bats + Twenty Bats by David B.
Ten Black Cats + Two Black Cats by Melissa
Eight Black Cats - Four Black Cats by Melissa
Ten Witches - Five Witches by Robert
Fifty Vampires + Twenty Five Skeletons by Chris
Eight Vampires - 2 Vampires by Jenna
Five Bats - 2 Bats by Jenna
Six Rats - One Rat by Jonathan
Ten Vampires + Four Vampires by Nura
Two Crows - One Crow by Danielle
Ten Pumpkins - Two Pumpkins by Danielle
Eight Witches - Two Witches by Jamie
Ten Spiders - Three Spiders by Kathryn
Seven Vampires + Three Vampires by Arun
Five Devils - Three Devils by Vincent
Six Ghosts + Six Crows by Olivia
Five Skeletons + Four Skeletons by Lara
Three Ghosts + Four Ghosts by Lara
Eight Bats + Eight Bats by Marcello
Five Witches + Two Mummies by Stacey
Three Cats + Three Cats by Stacey
Two Goblins + Two Ghosts by John
Ten Devils - Five Devils by Matthew
Five Crows - Four Crows by David

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