Under the Sea


Mrs. Shaul and Ms. Palmore's first grade classes have been learning about animals that live in the sea. We visited the Maritime Center in Norwalk, Ct. We wrote about an animal in class. We worked with Mrs. Hongell in our computer lab to type our sentences and we drew a picture of our animal. Please visit our pages and have some fun with the "Fun Things To Do."

First Grade 2002-2003 
Pocantico Hills School

Manatee by Claire Dolphin by Aimee
Hawksbill Turtle by Megan Dolphins by Kurt
Eel by Austin D. Sharks by Alex
Blue Ringed Octopus by Beni Bluewhale by Luke 
Octopus by Jack Dolphin by Luke
Queen Angel Fish by Lisa Whales by Cindy
Giant Crab by Brandon Sea Lions by Rachel
Sea Lion by Jahliyah Starfish by Rachel 
Jellyfish by Nick Dolphin by Christopher
The Red Irish Lord by Anita Whales by Kevin
Bottlenosed Dolphin by Alexandra Sharks by Liam
Puffer Fish by Chris Fish by Casey
Marine Iguana by Marcelo Jellyfish by Cara
Horned Shark by Enrico Sharks by Javan
Whales by Oscar
Dolphins by Austin T.
Dolphin by Lila


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