Books about Ponds


Hamberger, John. Birth of a pond. New York : Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, c1975. Describes a man-made pond which gradually becomes part of nature as it begins to support plant and animal life.

Kirkpatrick, Rena K. Look at pond life. Milwaukee : Raintree Childrens Books, c1978. Easy-to-read text and illustrations explore the plant and animal life in a pond.

Relf, Patricia. Scholastic's the magic school bus gets eaten : a book about food chains. New York : Scholastic, c1996. A class trip to the beach becomes an underwater lesson about food chains when Arnold and Keesha are challenged to discover what a tuna fish sandwich and some smelly green pond scum have in common.

Stone, Lynn M. Pond life. Chicago : Childrens Press, c1983. Briefly describes how ponds are formed and examines the

plant and animal life these small bodies of still water


Wong, Herbert H. Pond life : watching animals find food,. [Reading, Mass.] : Addison-Wesley, [1970]. A description of the feeding habits of animals living in and around a pond and how these habits affect the ecology of the area.

Koch, Maryjo. Pond lake river sea. San Francisco, CA : Collins, 1994. Features watercolor illustrations and handwritten text detailing facts about aquatic life, drawn from the author's observations, as well as the fields of literature, science, and mythology.

Fleisher, Paul. Pond. New York : Benchmark Books, 1999. Examines the activities, plant and animal life, and climatic changes found in ponds.

Becker, Julie. Animals of the ponds and streams. St. Paul,

Minn. : EMC, 1977. Describes ten animals of ponds and

streams: turtle, blue heron, crayfish, otter, mallard duck,

frog, raccoon, catfish, dragonfly, and beaver.

Michels, Tilde. At the frog pond. 1st American ed. New York : Lippincott, c1989. Describes the animal life at a secluded pond during spring and summer days.

Greenaway, Frank. Pond life. 1st American ed. New York : Dorling Kindersley, 1992. Examines the variety of life found in ponds, including the common newt, stickleback, and great diving beetle.

Animals of the pond. Philadelphia, Penn. : American Education Projections, Corp. [production company] : Curriculum Materials Corp., 1960. Bob finds a frog, a toad, snails, and newts. He examines them on a glass-topped table, and then takes them back to the pond, since they are hard to keep as pets. For primary grades.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane, 1893-. Under the green willow. New York : Greenwillow Books, 1984, c1971. The pond creatures gather under the willow tree to be fed crumbs.

Cole, Henry, 1955-. I took a walk. New York : Greenwillow Books, 1998. A visit to woods, pasture, and pond brings encounters with various birds, insects, and other creatures of nature. Flaps fold out to reveal the animals on each two-page spread.

Falwell, Cathryn. Turtle splash! : countdown at the pond. 1sted. New York : Greenwillow Books, 2001. As they are startled by the activities of other nearby creatures, the number of turtles on a log in a pond decreases from ten to one.

Fleming, Denise, 1950-. In the small, small pond. 1st ed. New York : H. Holt, c1993. Illustrations and rhyming text describe the activities of animals living in and near a small pond as spring progresses to autumn.

George, Lindsay Barrett. Around the pond : who's been here? New York : Greenwillow Books, c1996. While picking blueberries on a warm summer afternoon, Cammy and her brother see signs of unseen animals and their activities including footprints, a dam, and a floating feather.



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