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Theme: Cause and effect relationships in the natural world

Adaptations and Behaviors of Animals
in Habitats

Unit Overview

Unit One: Introudction to Habitat

Unit Two: Habitats of Selected Animals

Unit Three: Body Structures of Selected Animals

Unit Four: Observing Behaviors of Selected Animals

Unit Five: Adaptations of Selected Animals

Unit Six: Role of Selected Animals in the Ecosystem

Additional Resources

Flight and Measurement

Unit Overview

Unit One: Things That Fly

Unit Two: Principles of Flight

Unit Three: History of Flight

Unit Four: Measurement

Unit Five: Flight and Measurement Together

Additional Resources

Magnetism and Electricity

Unit Overview

Unit One: Investigating Magnetism

Unit Two: Simple Circuits

Unit Three: Electromagnets

Unit Four: Building Telegraphs

Additional Resources

Earth Materials

Unit Overview

Unit One: My Pet Rock

Unit Two: Mock Rocks

Unit Three: Real Minerals and Rocks

Unit Four: Rock Origins

Unit Five: Pet Rock Final Projects

Additional Resources

Last updated September 14, 1999

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