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Interactions among living and nonliving things

Interaction in the Desert and Soils

Unit Overview

Unit One: Intrtroduction to Deserts

Unit Two: Plants in the Desert

Unit Three: Desert Soils and Sands

Unit Four: Heat in the Desert

Unit Five: Animals in the Desert

Unit Six: Interaction in the Desert

Unit Seven: People in the Desert

Unit Eight: Making a Mini-Desert Zoo

Additional Resources

Interactions in the Rainforest and New Plants

Unit Overview

Unit One: Plant from Seed

Unit Two: Grass, Lawns, and Grain Seeds

Unit Three: New Plants from Stems

Unit Four: New Plants from Bulbs and Roots

Additional Resources

 Human Body

Unit Overview

Unit One: Bones

Unit Two: Joints

Unit Three: Muscles

Unit Four: Stimulus and Response

Additional Resources


Unit Overview

Unit One: Properties of Water

Unit Two: How Temperature Effects Water's Properties

Unit Three: Water Vapor

Unit Four: Testing Water

Additional Resources

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