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Take a moment to meet your Testing Services Team. Drop them an email if you have questions.

Pat Carey

Communications and Support - Testing Services - pcarey@lhric.org

Pat has been working on the Testing Services team for over 17 years currently plus has 6 years previously. She is responsible for maintaining the Calendars, District School Master File, and any updates to our Testing Services Web Page. Pat leads the preparation of all testing materials the LHRIC sends to districts. She coordinates our clients and testing team to ensure all testing materials are kept updated and accurate. She also coordinates with other BOCES co-workers and Regional partners and serves as a pivotal member of the state committee on Test Scoring.

Patty Edwards

Support - Testing Services - pedwards@lhric.org

Patty has been supporting our Testing and Microfiche applications for 12 years now. She brings to her job knowledge of schools and customer service skills. The primary contact for testing resolution, Patty keeps our team on track with the state testing and reporting time line. She is an integral part of our Testing Services team.

Rob Mahig

Testing Services Team Leader - rmahig@lhric.org

Rob has been a member of the Testing Services Team since 1989. His technical background as a Systems Analyst/Programmer supporting our student system provided him with a great understanding of the technical needs required to work testing applications such as STEP, Regents reporting, and now the Data Warehouse. Rob coordinates the Testing Services, STEP, and Regents teams and serves as a help desk analyst and instructor to our 60 school districts. Rob represents the LHRIC and your district at statewide meetings involving Test Scoring and reporting. He works with other BOCES Regional Information Centers providing services and communications to outside agencies involved in the Testing process.

Maureen McCarthy

Manager Customer Relations - mmccarthy@lhric.org

Maureen manages the overall services supported in the SIS area as well as the Financial Information Systems department. She providesstrategic direction to the services provided through the RIC. She works with the major vendors solidifying partnerships beneficial to our member school districts. During her 20 years at the RIC she served as LAN Manager and helped create the Consulting Services department. Both of these departments have grown into two of the largest services offered at the RIC.

Rob Micucci

Support - Testing Services - rmicucci@lhric.org

Rob has been with Testing Services since 2004. Supporting the testing and the reporting sides of Testing Services, Rob is fast becoming an integral part of our department. In the time Rob has been with our Team he shows his leadership qualities by taking care of our clients needs above and beyond normal support.

Todd Moore

Support - Testing Services - DW - tmoore@lhric.org

Todd has been with us for just about a year now since November 2005. He looks at Test Scoring from a different perspective finding ways to improve our capabilities and re-working processes to make them more efficient. He has a strong technology background which he is using to create and maintain Access Databases and formula driven Excel Files both for internal use and Districts we support. Todd's other responsibilities include keeping the Data Warehouse webpage up to date and managing our districts nySTART accounts. He also has his hands in different aspects of Data Warehousing including those that connect our testing to the warehouse and state reporting.

Sande' Nelson

Support - Testing Services - snelson@lhric.org

Sande' joined the Testing Services Team in May of 2006, after working in the Financial Department for the past 9 years. Supporting the testing and the reporting sides of Test Scoring she shows her Customer Service skills by taking care of our clients needs. She is working with the DW and Student Teams in data preparation for State reporting. She has quickly become an essential part of our Testing Service Team which is growing in more ways because of her "Exceptional Baking".

Emy Picón

Support - Testing Services - Regents - epicon@lhric.org

Emy comes to the LHRIC from the White Plains School district. Emy has brought technology to Regents Scoring and Analysis. She has taken our Regents Analysis service to the next level and is currently working on bringing electronic Regents scoring into the school building. Emy is a strong team player whose professionalism and focus on customer service is second to none.





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