The Great Pumpkin Detectives WebQuest

Topic of WebQuest: Pumpkins

Grade Level: Kindergarten

It should be noted that this WebQuest should be completed in small groups or with an adult.


Each year our kindergarten classes visit a local pumpkin patch. In order for you to enjoy your trip, you need to know a little about pumpkins.


We are going on a WEBQUEST! Your job is to be a detective and find out many facts about pumpkins.

Resources and Process

  1. The first thing a Webquest detective needs to know is how to find the hidden pumpkin pictures. Click the mouse on the underlined words. Find the Pumpkin! Good Job, you found the first set of pumpkins!!!
  2. We plant pumpkin seeds in our gardens when we want to grow a pumpkin. There are other ways for seeds to travel. Click on this link to find out another way. How else can a seed travel?
  3. Pumpkin seeds are planted in a hole in the ground and dirt is mounded over it. The seed begins to sprout. This is called "germination". Click here to see what germination looks like.
  4. Can you find the different parts of a growing plant? Do you see the roots, the stem, the leaves?
  5. Did you know that pumpkins have flowers? The pumpkin grows from the spot where the flower bloomed. Click here to see a picture of a pumpkin flower. What color is it?
  6. Read the book Pumpkin, Pumpkin, by J. Titherington.
  7. Pumpkins come in many shapes and sizes. Click on the following links to see!
  8. Pumpkins with the name Baby Boo

    Pumpkins called Wizard

    Can you guess why one of these pumpkins is called Tallman?

    And Still More Pumpkin Pictures

  9. Did you know that pumpkins grow in patches? Click on this link to see a smallPumpkin Patch!
  10. Read this poem.
  11. They chose me from my brothers,
    "That's the nicest one!" they said.
    And they carved me out a face,
    And put a candle in my head.
    Then they set me on the doorstep,
    Oh, the night was dark and wild.
    When they lit the candle,
    Then I smiled!
    Who am I?

    Learn how to make one!

  12. Make a pumpkin picture!
  13. HINT!

  14. Name some things you learned about pumpkins and use these sites to discuss what you have learned!
  15. Look at these pictures for some hints!

    More Helpful Hints....


    You have completed your detective work. Congratulations! Tell a friend something you learned. Tell what you think you will see at the pumpkin patch?

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