Operation Reef Rescue!

A Coral Reef WebQuest


NEWSFLASH!!! Titanic Asteroid Approaching Earth's Polar Ice Cap! Scientists predict that the subsequent melting ice cap will destroy the ecological balance of the oceans, resulting in the eradication of the coral reef communities. In order to prevent the extinction of this essential biome, the government has recruited teams of specialists to respond to the crisis…



Each specialist will conduct research based on his/her area of expertise. Teams will be formed consisting of one specialist from each area. Each team will then design and create a visual coral reef community which can be relocated to ensure its survival. Each team will conclude with an oral presentation to the rest of the teams, describing and justifying their project.


General Resources:

Begin your research by visiting theses sites:

Fisheye View Cam Home Page - to meet the corals in their own environment

Coral Reefs - information about reef animals, threats and locations

Coral Reef Fishes - meet the most active creatures dwelling in the reefs



If you are a MARINE BIOLOGIST, click here.

If you are a MARINE BOTANIST, click here.

If you are a CORAL RESEARCH DIVER, click here.

If you are an MARINE ENVIRONMENTALIST, click here.



Do you have all the parts of your mission completed? Fill in the circle as you complete each task.

Your Journal

Your Folder or Notebook

Your Project



Now that you have discovered the importance of the Coral Reefs, find out what you can do to protect them.


Teacher Notes:

This activity requires students to have some prior background knowledge of the coral reef community.

Other resources such as video and multimedia may be utilized in the student presentations.

Extension activities may include:

Primary Content Areas: Science, English/Language Arts

Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, Math, Geography


This WebQuest was designed by: Dottie Breslow, Joan Brooks, Regina Crump, and Jane Monahon from the North Salem School District, North Salem, New York.