Student Council


Mrs. Lisa Lindsay-Jones, Student Council Advisor

Mr. Nicholas Lindsay-Jones, Student Council Advisor


Student Council News:


The 2010-2011 Greenvale Student Council has been keeping quite busy.  Over the past 4 months we have…

  • Collected lots of Box Tops (keep them coming!!!)

  • Run a very successful Canned Food Drive

  • Organized a drive to make Holiday Cards for our Troops

  • Participated in the Toys for Tots Drive, see below for more about that from our Student Council President, Adam Ginsburg….

This holiday season, Greenvale School, embarked on a mission to provide toys to children less fortunate than us.  We donated an assortment of toys, from board games to Pillow Pets to stuffed animals, to an organization called Toys for Tots.

Over a three week period, we generated a huge amount of new, unwrapped toys to donate.  Student Council is proud with the results of the drive.  I hope we show this much enthusiasm for other drives in the future.

                        -Adam Ginsburg, Student Council President

Our Student Council Members this year are…

4th Grade

  • Marc LoParrino
  • Marisa Ungaro
  • Kieran Gaffney
  • Ellena Maravegias
  • Nicholas LoParrino
  • Gianna Ciardiello
  • Victoria Boyd
  • Julia Risi
  • William Doyle
  • Ella McGettigan
  • Thomas Cantalapiedra
  • Claire Miller

5th Grade

  • Lily Kunda
  • Lisa Tyrrell (Vice-President)
  • Nicky Lumaj (Treasurer)
  • Skylah Jimenez (Secretary)
  • Jack Murtha
  • Audrey Bader
  • Samuel Shedden
  • Fiona Agababian
  • Bobby Hyland
  • Alexia Ramirez
  • Adam Ginsburg (President)
  • Mayu Minoguchi

The Student Council would like to thank Mr. Anthony Lamonica for orchestrating all of the leg work for the cards for the troops.

Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay-Jones

Student Council Advisors