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Turning Off the Computers
Not As Easy as Flipping the Switch!

  • When you leave or end a work session, you must click on the START button to access the log off option:





NOTE: It is best to learn early how to properly close applications and the computer itself. Cutting off power without shutting down properly may result in corruption to files on the network.


  • RESTART is what you will select when you are finished using a particular machine but do not need to power it down. RESTART logs off the current user, "refreshes" itself, and prepares a login screen for the next user. Select the start button then select restart from the drop down menu.






  • SHUT DOWN is to be selected at the end of the day. It will perform the software shut down operations, and will power-down the machine. Select the start button then select shut down from the drop down menu.






Closing up for the day? Finished with a Particular Machine? Not sure if the computer is off or just sleeping?
Then SHUT DOWN. This turns the power off. Then RESTART. The machine is in "sleep" (powersaving) mode, but not completely off. Then JIGGLE the mouse or press any key. If the machine does not respond, power it up.