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 File Management and Directories – Where to Save and Find a File on the Network

  • Most software applications that you will work with have a FILE…SAVE option on the application’s menu bar. For example, clicking on the FILE menu in Word brings down a menu of available options. The option for SAVE AS will prompt the user to supply a filename…





…which you simply type in.

The XP file naming system can be a "normal" filename, so it's best to name a file as precisely as possible to recognize it by name. The system appends the application extension (i.e. .doc MS Word or .xls MS Excel) automatically.

  • When the file is named direct it to the drive and folder where it will be saved for future access.

Technically, you can save a file to different locations and under different file names. Every time you do so, however, you are taking up valuable storage space. Be judicious when saving files and it will spare you headaches in the long run.

  • Teachers and students each have their own personal storage space on the network. The "drives" are the storage locations on a network, and "H" drive is the home directory for each user. Save something in this folder if you wish no one else to have access to it.

  • Students and teachers also have the option of saving to a Shared folder on the network called the "S" drive. A file in this directory is "public domain."


NOTE: Students can not access the Teachers’ Common directory, but Teachers can access both Student Individual Directories and Student Common directory (see below, "What Are the Teacher Options?")



Storage Location Drive Letter Who Can Access
Floppy Drive A Students and Teachers
Personal Directory H ("Home" folder) Students and Teachers may access their own personal directories. Allocation of space is linked to instructional requirements.
Common (Shared) Directory for Students S ("Shared" folder) Students and Teachers
Common (Shared) Directory for Teachers T ("Teacher Common" folder) Teachers

  • When you have given a file a name and have selected the proper folder, locate and click the SAVE button within the dialog box.


If you have two files, each with the same name and each containing the same content, stored in two different drive locations, the computer treats them as different files.



A "Save As" Dialogue box for Teachers. A "Save As" Dialogue box for Students.
Note that different drive letter point to different storage folders: Note that students may also save to:
  • Floppy drive (A)
  • Home Directory (H)
  • Share Directory (T)
  • Floppy drive (A)
  • Own Personal Folder (H)
  • Student Share (S)

Notice that each storage location has an associated DRIVE LETTER…thus, the "H" drive points to a user’s personal directory on the network.