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Frequently Asked Questions

These are typical questions you may have when operating your new Windows XP, Office 2000 computer. If applicable, there are page numbers from this reference book that will give you a more detailed explanation of the question.

How do I access my regular MS Office products (Word, Power Point etc.)?

  • Down at the bottom of your screen you will notice the Start button. Click on that and look for the MS Office Program Group. Highlight the program group and click on the application you want to open (Word, PPT etc.).

What are those 3 buttons in the right hand corner of all of my applications?

  • Those buttons give you the ability to quickly minimize, restore or close the application or file that you are working with. The minus sign (the furthest on the left) allows you to Minimize your application to the task bar below, so that you can work with other applications. The Restore button is in the middle and makes your application full or half the size of your screen while the X allows you to Exit or Close your application or file.

How do I delete files off of my HOME folder?

  • Go to the Start button, highlight Teacher Options, then Explore My Home Folder. See the H Folder, click on the icon of the file to delete once and select the DELETE key on the keyboard.

My computer is running slowly, what should I do?

  • You may have multiple applications open. Look on the bottom of your screen where your task bar is. If you see a number of gray buttons with words on them, that means that you have a great deal of applications open. Click on the application you want to close. When the application appears on your full screen, click on the X in the upper right hand corner of the program.

Where is the "N" for Netscape that gets me onto the Internet?

  • Your district is no longer using Netscape to get onto the Internet but rather MS Internet Explorer. Go to Start and select the Internet. This will get you onto the Internet. (See the Internet Section in Reference.)

I'm on the Internet, I printed other pages all of a sudden I can't print this particular web site. What is wrong?

  • Sometimes on the Internet web designers create pages with frames. When this happens you may have to highlight a specific amount of text on the page that you want to print so the computer knows to print that specific frame.

Why can't I print?

  • There could be a couple of reasons.

You may not have the network printer computer turned on. There should be ONE computer in your bank of computers that needs to stay turned on in order for the printer to work.

You may need to add paper or toner.

Whatever you do, don't keep clicking the Print button. Something is wrong and needs to be addressed.

Where are my "files" being saved?

  • All of your files should be saved to a folder with your name on it in the H drive. If you want to save to your disk, switch the drive to A and select Save.

Where can I save files if I want to Share information with other students or other colleagues?

  • You will want to save information in the Shared folder on the network drive "S."

Where are my files from last year?

  • You were supposed to save them to a disk. Find those disks and copy them to your folder on the network immediately. Remember disks are the most unreliable place to store information.