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Replying to a Message

After reading a message, you can reply or forward it. On the toolbar, you have the option to Reply to sender, Reply to All recipients of the email or to Forward it to a new recipient.

Type your response above or within the body of the sender's original message.

Click Send.

Replying to the Sender and All Recipients

After reading a message, you can use the Reply to All button on the toolbar to respond to the sender and all other recipients. A new copy of the open message appears, containing the text of the original message, and is preaddressed to the sender and all recipients. You can type your response within or above the body of the sender's original message.

Forwarding Messages

To forward a copy of the original message to one or more recipients, click the Forward button on the toolbar.
The New Message form opens with the sender's original message below your text. You can also type your text in the body of the sender's original message.


Addressing a Reply, Reply to All, or Forward

The original sender's name appears in the To box. Type the names of any additional recipients in the To or Cc boxes. Separate multiple names with semicolons (;).

To add blind carbon copy recipients, type their names in the Bcc box. Bcc recipients receive a copy of the message, but their names do not appear in the list of recipients. Also, each Bcc recipient cannot see the names of other Bcc recipients. If no Bcc box is present and you want to add Bcc names, select Show Bcc in the Options tab. The Bcc box is optional.

When using Reply or Reply to All - the Subject box contains the original Subject with RE: in front of it. This tells the recipient that the message contains a reply to their message. Optionally, you can type a new subject.

Compose a response to the message within or above the original message text in the message body