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Checking for New Mail

New mail will arrive in your Inbox folder. In the Inbox pane, you will see a listing of your messages. A closed envelope icon denotes an unread message. Clicking on its title will open the message in the reading pane. Once you read a message, the envelope icon will appear opened. You can choose the order you want your messages displayed.

Reading Messages

The Read Message form is the standard form in which received messages are displayed.

Message Heading

From: Indicates the name (or e-mail alias) of the sender or organization.

To: Indicates the name (or e-mail alias) of the primary recipients.

Cc: Indicates the name (or e-mail alias) of the carbon copy (Cc) recipients.

Subject: Briefly describes the subject of the message.

Sent: Indicates the date and time the message was sent.

Importance: Indicates the priority of the message as determined by the sender. The sender can set the importance to High or Low.

The message is displayed in the message body, below the message heading.