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Scheduling an Appointment in Outlook

Use appointments to schedule events that only you are required to attend.

  1. From the toolbar chooseNew ...Appointment.
  2. In the Appointment windo, on the To... line type in the name or names of the invitees.
  3. In the Subject box, type a brief description of the appointment.
  4. In the Location box, type the place where the appointment occurs.
  5. In the Start Time and End Time boxes, type the time that the appointment starts and ends.
  6. Type any comments in the Comment box, such as a list of necessary materials to take to the meeting.
  7. Click Send.

Out7.jpg (31676 bytes)


Modifying an Existing Appointment

If information about an appointment has changed since it was created, you can modify the appointment. However, you cannot modify an appointment created by someone else.

  1. Open the appointment by clicking the underlined portion of the appointment in the schedule area.
  2. To change the subject, type new text in the Subject box.
  3. Change the time of the appointment by typing new entries in the Start Time and End Time boxes.
  4. Click Save and Close.

Out8.jpg (15549 bytes)

Verify Attendees Addresses

  1. To verify the names of the recipients in the To box, click the Check Names button.
  2. If the address for all recipients are resolved, click OK.
  3. If the name cannot be resolved, select one of the suggested matches, and click Accept These Choices. If no matches are available, you can choose to ignore or delete a recipient.
Out15.jpg (16393 bytes)

Note: In the picture below, after the Check Names icon was selected, one of the names (Smithj) was not found. The user now has to either ignore or delete the "unfound" recipient,
prior to clicking Accept these Choices. (See below.)

Adding an Event to Your Schedule

An event does not occupy blocks of time in the calendar, instead it appears in a banner. An event is an activity that lasts 24 hours or longer. You can use the calendar to keep track of important events, such as birthdays, conferences, holidays, etc.

  1. In the Compose New box, choose Appointment.
  2. In the Location box, type the place where the event occurs. (Optional)
    Ex. Valentine’s Day
  3. Optionally, select the All-Day Event box.
  4. Type any comments in the Comment box.
  5. Click Save 
The banner appears under the Calendar Date.
In the example, the all-day event is Labor Day


Make an Appointment, Event, or Meeting Recurring

When first creating the appointment, event, or meeting click on the recurrence tab.

Out9.jpg (33090 bytes)

Click the frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly) at which you want the appointment to recur, then select options for the frequency.

In the Appointment Recurrence window, click on the Recurrence Pattern and the Range of Recurrence.

Out10.jpg (18781 bytes)

To Change a Recurrence Interval
(Appointment, Meeting, or Event)
Out11.jpg (11181 bytes)
  1. Open the Calendar Item by clicking on the underlined portion of the appointment, meeting, or event.
  2. Click the Recurrence tab.
  3. Click Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly as the recurrence pattern, and then select options for the frequency.
  4. Click Send.

Planning Meetings

Use the Schedule Meeting feature to invite people and schedule resources for an activity at a specific time.

Out13.jpg (12938 bytes)

  1. Click Compose New.
  2. In the To box, type the names of the people you would like to have attend.
  3. In the Subject box, type the meeting’s topic.
  4. In the Location box, type the place where the meeting is to be held.
  5. In the Start Time and End Time boxes, type when the meeting begins and ends.

Please Note: Attendees names are separated by a semi-colon.

Attendee Availability

Prior to sending a meeting request, it is important to check on attendee availability to make sure you are not scheduling over another meeting, appointment, or event.

  1. Click on the Scheduling Tab in the Meeting setup window.
  2. Click on the Attendee's Name to see availability displayed on the chart.
  3. If you need to change the time based on attendee availability, do so at this time, otherwise click Send.

Out17.jpg (11647 bytes)

Note: Each attendee is sent a meeting request. The new Meeting Request appears on the schedule.The attendee can choose to do one of the following: Accept, Tentative, or Decline.