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Adding an Attachment to an Appointment, Meeting, or Event

An attachment can be included with any item on the calendar. For example, when setting up a meeting, an agenda for the meeting could be attached to the calendar entry.

  1. Set up Appointment, Meeting or Event as described earlier.
  2. Click on the Attachments tab.
    Note: The document has to already be saved and closed. It is important to remember where you have saved the document and what its file name is.
  3. Click on the Browse button. This will allow you to select the file you want.
  4. Click the drop down arrow attached to the Look in: box to specify where you saved your file – for example
    Desktop, 3 Floppy (A:), etc.
  5. Change Files of type: to All Files by clicking on the box’s drop down menu (See picture below.)
  6. When you find the file that you wish to attach to the meeting, appointment, or event; select it, by clicking on it.
  7. Then, select Open.

Out20.jpg (51846 bytes)

The file name will be added to the attachment window.

Out22.jpg (33278 bytes) 

Once the file appears in the window above, click Add Attachment Now.Then, click Send (to mail the entry to the meeting attendees) or Save to close the window without emailing anyone. If you hit Save, the document will remain attached to the appointment, meeting, or event and users will be able to view it when reading the calendar entry.

Out23.jpg (37157 bytes)

When you are finished using Outlook, be sure to click the Log Out Shortcut Icon located at the bottom of the
Outlook Bar on the left of the screen.