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Rescheduling a Meeting

  1. To reschedule a meeting, click on the underlined meeting.
  2. Adjust the starting and ending times.
  3. Re-send invitations to all attendees by clicking on the Send button.
    A new request will be sent and the meeting will move to the new time on the calendar.

Canceling a Meeting

You can cancel a meeting and send a message that notifies attendees.

On your calendar, click to open the meeting you want to cancel.

  1. Click the Delete button.Out18.jpg (777 bytes)
  2. Click OK to send a message to the attendees about the canceled meeting, or click Cancel to cancel the meeting without notifying attendees.
  3. If you click OK, a cancellation form lets you type additional information that will be sent as part of the cancellation message. Click Send to mail your message to attendees.

Deleting a Calendar Item

Open the Calendar item by clicking on the underlined portion of the item.

Then, click on the Delete icon.