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Judging a File By Its Last Name…

Exploring folders will also key you off as to file type – in which application was it created and can it be viewed? Here is a listing of some common FILE EXTENSIONS you will see:

.DOC – Microsoft Word Processing Document

.MDB – Microsoft Access Database

.PPT – Microsoft PowerPoint

.HTML – Hypertext Markup Language (Internet bookmarks or web pages)

.RP – Student Writing Center Report

.GBF - IG Pro (Gradebook file)

.INS - Inspiration

.KID - Kidspiration

.BMP, .GIF, .JPEG – Types of graphic files

.ASX - Video Streaming file

Note: Every application will generate a unique extension as part of the file name.

What Now?

If you feel comfortable with the material in this section, you may wish to proceed to the Software Resources for help with each of the productivity applications on the network (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Internet Explorer.)

You may also wish to see the Software Matrix for information about the curriculum software available on the network.