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Microsoft Outlook Web Access

Logging in @ Home

Your mailbox is located on the Microsoft Exchange Server computer where your e-mail is delivered. Messages are stored in your Inbox by default. You must access messages delivered to personal folders from Microsoft Outlook instead of Outlook Web Access.

To use Outlook Web Access, launch Internet Explorer and type in the following web address:
Hit Enter.

Then fill in your Log On and click on the link that reads "click here". Please note: Your Log On is your last name plus first initial. For example, if my name is Don Beverly, my log on is: beverlyd

wpe9.jpg (18721 bytes)

Now Type your User Name (same as log on) and Password. Click OK. wpeA.jpg (4257 bytes)

You will now be at the Microsoft OutlookWeb Access main screen.


Screen Layout

wpeB.jpg (52596 bytes)


User Area
The user area displays lists of messages, different views of your calendar, lists of important contacts, and lists of folders and their contents.

Important: Remember to Log Off!

Log off after you finish using Outlook Web Access. By logging off, you close the session between the client and the server. If you close only the Web browser, there is no guarantee that your session is closed and others may be able to access your information.



The Inbox Viewer is the main window in Outlook. It includes the folder list and the folder contents list. The  folder list is the set of folders that appears on the left side of the Viewer. (See picture above)