Glossary of Important Words

  • aerodynamics - the characteristics of an airplane that help it move
  • aviation - the science of airplanes 
  • current - a flow of air in a definite direction
  • drag - the force that pushes against an airplane and slows it down
  • engine - any machine that uses energy to work
  • glider - an aircraft carried along by air current instead of an engine
  • gravity - the natural force of the earth that pulls down on an airplane
  • helicopter - an aircraft that is kept up in the air by blades that rotate above the craft
  • lift - the force that pushes you up on an airplane and gives it the ability to climb into the air and stay up during flight
  • rudder - a moveable piece of metal that is attached to the rear of an airplane
  • thrust - the force that moves an airplane forward
  • wingspan - the distance between the tip of one wing and the tip of another when they are opened wide


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