Harriet Tubman Crossword #3

by Sara

2. In the ___ lots of people died.
6. Harriet's father's name was ___.
7. Harriet's mother's name was ___.
8. Harriet led over 70 slaves to ___.
10. Harriet Tubman was a  ___ in the Civil War.
12. Harriet Tubman's ___'s name was Edward Brodess.
13. Harriet Tubman worked on a plantation in ___.
14. Most people called Harriet Tubman ___.
1. When there was a ___ on a house that meant it was safe to come in and hide.
3. Harriet Tubman died in 1913 in ___.
4. Slaves used the ___ to get north.
5. When Harriet was little her mother called her ___.
9. Harriet was a  ___ on the Underground Railroad.
11. Abraham Lincoln signed the  ___ that freed all the slaves.
Answer Key

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