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Best Works

Animals in our Backyard
American Progress
8th Grade Art Shows
Black History Month Tribute
Oh Canada
The Century
Charlotte's Web  
Postcards from China
Clothesline Biographies

The Civil War for Kids
Colonial Tradesmen
Meet the Dinosaurs
Dogs of the World
Guide Dogs
Earth Day
Electing a President
Explorers- The Early Years
A First Grade Snowy Day
First Grade Visits the Pond by 1P
Benjamin Franklin: A Man of Many Talents
France: A Children's Guide
2nd Grade Visits Hawaii
What is a hero?
Historical Sources
Kids Cooking: Awesome Recipes from Pocantico
Meet Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Abraham Lincoln for Kids
Mexico for Kids
Rockin' Regions of New York
Nutrition for Children

Summer Olympics for Kids
Winter Olympics for Kids
Paint with the Colors of Spring

Perfectly Puzzling Penguins
The Planets
Pocantico History
Mr. Cioffi's Podcasts
Poco Pods
The Pony Express
Who is your Favorite President?
Kids Cooking: Awesome Recipes from Pocantico
The American Revolution for Kids
John  D. Rockefeller, Sr.
Spider Weaver
Spring Comes to First Grade
Tibet-The Buddha's Art of Healing
Truck Day 2002 
Truckin' Across the USA
Harriet Tubman & the Underground Railroad
Vietnam - A Children's Guide
George Washington: Father of Our Country
Our Weather Page

Westward Ho
Children's Encyclopedia of Women
Meet the Wright Brothers

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