The White House In Time

South Porch of the White House

North Front of White House

Booker T. Washington Dines With President Theodore Roosevelt October 17, 1901

President Harry Truman taking presidential oath April 12, 1945

Robert Kennedy & President John F. Kennedy

World Leaders in President John F. Kennedy's Funeral Procession

Richard Nixon Giving Farewell Speech in East Room August 9, 1974

Vice President and former neighbor Nelson Rockefeller with wife Happy in background, President Ford dancing with Queen Elizabeth of England, First Lady Betty Ford dancing with Prince Philip of England.

President Jimmy Carter In Cabinet Room January 24, 1977 

Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, President Jimmy Carter, Israel Prime Minister Menachem Begin at signing of peace accord March 27, 1979

Ceremony on South Lawn for hostages held in Iran

President Ronald Reagan at Press Conference in the East Room

President & Mrs. Ronald Reagan in helicopter on South Lawn

President George Bush with advisors in Oval Office

President Clinton on putting green on South Lawn


Purchased from Corbis

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