Zachary Taylor
By Sammy

"Old Rough and Ready" was born on November 24, 1784 in Orange County, Virginia. Taylor grew up on an edge of a western frontier. Zachary had 7 brothers and 4 died and 3 lived. Taylor did not have a good education, he had a tutor but he got his knowledge from living on the frontier. Did you know that Taylor's nickname was Old Rough and Ready? Taylor belonged to the Whig party. Taylor's running mate was Millard Fillmore.

These are some of his major accomplishment that he did. Zachary fought to defend the Indiana territory with only 50 men against 400 men and Taylor won a great victory. Taylor and his army were at war with Paloalto and won victory. Taylor also tried to prevent the spread of slavery to new states.

Taylor was involved with foreign affairs. Lopez was a Cuban which wanted to build a army to attack Spain. But Taylor forbid any American to invade land that you want.

Major happenings during Taylor term he died in his office because he ate poison at a party, and he only was a president for a little bit more than a year. Zachary was a wonderful man. Although Taylor was only president for one year he tried to prevent spread of slavery. Many years later due to the Civil War, this hope was accomplished.

This is what I found about my President hope you liked what I wrote and I hope you learned something.

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