Ulysses S. Grant
by Kimberly

Ulysses S. Grant was born on Saturday April 27, 1822 in Point Pleasant, Ohio. Did you know that this President was once fined $20 for speeding on his horse? Well it's true. Grant went to West Point and graduated in 1843. He served in the Mexican War for a man named Zachary Taylor, later the 12th President. Grant served again in another war called the Civil War. He was the Commander of the Union forces. During the war, Grant won many battles including Vicksburg and Chattanooga.

Grant became the Presidential nominee because the Republicans knew he was famous for defeating Robert E. Lee. Grant's opponent for election was Horatio Seymour. Grant got 3,013,650, Seymour got 2,708744. His Vice President was Schuyler Coltax.

In the White House, Grant had some of his friends from the military. In 1871, Grant signed a treaty, the Treaty of Washington. When he was running for re-election in 1872, he was attacked by what he called narrow heads, also known as Liberal Republicans. Grant ran for re-election in 1872 and won again. This time his opponent was Horace Greeley. He won by a lot. He had 3,598,235, Greeley got 2,834,761. His Vice President was Henry Wilson. In 1873, half the eastern country failed in banking, and there was a very bad problem in the country at that time. Manufacturers and farmers were hit the worst. He married Julia Grant in 1874 and they had 4 children, Jesse, Ulysses Jr., Nellie and Frederick.

After his second term he retired to his home. While at home he received a mild case of throat cancer and after a bad investment for his son he went bankrupt. As if that was not enough his throat cancer was getting worse. His cancer had gotten so bad that he couldn't get out of bed, but Mrs. Grant worked hard to get him better so he lived longer than anyone expected. He lived long enough to write a book. Then on July 23, 1885 one hour after he finished the last page of his book Hiram Ulysses Grant also known as Ulysses S. Grant died, all because of smoking cigars most of his life which caused him to have throat cancer.

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