James A. Garfield
By Alex

Guess what? My president was the first left-handed president and he juggled clubs to build muscles. This interesting president was born on November 19, 1831 in Cuyahoga, Ohio. He was fatherless at 18 months. He drove canal boats and mysteriously raised enough money to save his farm. Later on, he graduated from Williams Collage in Massachusetts in 1856. He got married on November 11, 1858 to Lucretia Rudolph. They had five sons and two daughters.

He served in the Union Army from 1861- 1863. He rose to the rank of Major General. Lincoln persuaded him to resign his military commission when the people from Ohio elected him to Congress. He was a Republican. He was elected 18 times. He served on the Military Affairs Committee. He was a radical. He confiscated confederate troop's property and executed confederate leaders.

His running mate was Chester A. Arthur. He won by 39,213. In those 6 months he accomplished some of his goals. He saved someone's life by proving congress wrong. The man was going to be executed. He discovered fraud in the Post Office. He lay wounded for ten weeks and died from blood poisoning pneumonia.

Garfield had a short administration because he was shot on July 2, 1881. Charles Guiteau shot him, while he was walking through a train station. Guiteau was upset when he was refused a government job, so he decided to kill Garfield.

Although Garfield had a short term as President, he made a difference for our country. It would have been interesting to see what he could have accomplished.

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