Calvin Coolidge
By Jasmine

I know it's hard to believe but Calvin Coolidge had an electric horse installed in his White House bedroom! I guess he was a Rough Rider. Calvin was born July 4, 1872 in Plymouth, Mass. He went to school at Plymouth Notch and Black River Academy in Ludlow, Vermont. Calvin went to Amherst College in Amherst, Massachusetts in 1891. Calvin's religion was Congregationalist at the time. His favorite subjects in college were philosophy and oratory, yet he was never to excel as a speaker. In 1895 he studied law. In 1897 he was admitted to the practice of law. The next year he opened his own law office in Northamton. He stayed in practice there until 1919. Obviously at the time his occupation was a lawyer. In 1905 Calvin married Grace Anna Goodhue in Vermont. Grace taught at the Clarke Institute for the Deaf in Northamton. Grace was a wonderful wife but was the opposite of her quiet husband. They had two sons, John and Calvin Jr.

He put in as much time as his law practice would permit to the Republican Party politics. Calvin formed the habit of visiting his constituents and simply saying, "I want your vote. I need it. I shall appreciate it." He took office after Harding died and served a full term. He was one of three mayors to become President. Calvin got 15,718,211 popular votes and 382 election votes. He served from August 3, 1923 to March 3, 1929 during World War I and the Great Depression. Calvin was a Republican. His nickname was "Silent Cal" because he didn't talk much during his speeches.

On March 4, 1929 Calvin wrote his autobiography. Meanwhile Calvin's health was failing. January 5, 1933 two months before Franklin Roosevelt was inaugurated, he died at his Northamton home.  

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