Grover Cleveland
1884-1887 & 1892-1895
By Billy

Did you know that Grover Cleveland was 28 years older than his wife?

Grover Cleveland was born March 18, 1837 in Cadwell, New Jersey. He was fifth of nine children. His father was Richard Falley Cleveland, and his mother was Anne Neal Cleveland. He went to Fayetteville Academy, but he couldn't go to college because his father's death.

Grover was sheriff of Erie County, New York from 1870-1873. He was mayor of Buffalo, New York in 1882, and he was governor of New York from 1883-1885.

In his first presidential election he ran with Thomas Hendricks. They beat their opponent James Blaine with the support of the Democrats and the Republicans who did not like the record of James Blaine. In 1888, Grover Cleveland and Thomas Hendricks lost to Benjamin Harrison, but in 1892 Grover came back with Adlai Stevenson and won the Presidential election.

Grover Cleveland was the first President to be President two nonconsecutive times. He was also the first President to be married in the White House. He also started the Interstate Commerce Commission.

After Grover was President he worked on the board of directors at Princeton University. He enjoyed his children, but his daughter Ruth died in 1904. Then he died on June 24, 1908 in Princeton New Jersey.

Grover Cleveland was a great President. So if you cannot decide whom your favorite President is, look at the 22nd and the 24th President.  


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