Benjamin Harrison
By Anel

Harrison was born in August 20, 1833 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He grew up on a farm. He swam, hunted and fished when he had some free time. Harrison attended a one-room school near his home. He had three brothers and two sisters. His mom died before his 17th birthday. His grandfather was William Henry Harrison, the 9th President. 

Ben was intelligent and a good speaker. On the farm he hauled wood, water and cared for livestock. He remembers that his teacher said he was the "brightest of the family.... but he was terribly stubborn." When he graduated, he studied law and was admitted to the Ohio Bar in 1854.

Harrison married Caroline Scott on October 20, 1853. They met in college. They had 2 children, Russell in 1854 and Mary in 1858. Mrs. Harrison had the first Christmas tree put up in the White House in 1889. During the election campaign, Caroline became sick with tuberculosis and died. 

Before he was elected president, Harrison was a senator, 1881-1887. He was elected president in 1889. Six states were added to the United States while Harrison was President (North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Washington, Idaho and Wyoming.) 

Harrison signed many bills into law, The Sherman Antitrust Act to prevent monopoly, the Sherman Silver Purchase Act to help the miners in the west and the Dependent Pension Act to help the soldiers. Then the first four battleships were built in 1889. 

The Congress election in 1890 went against the Republicans and party leaders decide to abandon President Harrison although he had partnership with the Congress. His parties nominated him for re-election in 1892, but Cleveland defeated him. 

Harrison married Mary Scott Dimmick, the niece of Caroline Scott, after he left the White House. He and Mary had one child named Elizabeth. Benjamin's wife died a few months before Harrison's retirement to Indianapolis. He died on March 13, 1901, after catching the flu which turned into pneumonia. He was buried in Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis next to his first wife Caroline Scott Harrison.


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