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Volleyball was invented in 1895 at a YMCA in Holyoke, Massachusetts as an indoor team sport that was not dangerous. In the Olympics there are two different kinds of volleyball, Volleyball and Beach Volleyball. Volleyball became an Olympic sport in 1964 and Beach Volleyball became an Olympic sport in 1996.

Volleyball is played on an indoor court by two teams. Six players are on the court at a time. Beach Volleyball is played on a sandy court (usually a beach) with two players for each team. The volleyball court is 60 feet (18 meters) long and 30 feet (9 meters) wide. For men's games, the net is 8 feet (2.4 meters) high, and for women's games, it is 7 feet 4 inches (2.2 meters) high. The ball used for the game is made of leather, plastic, or rubber. A volleyball is just a little smaller than a basketball but much softer. The game is played by two teams of six members each. To win a match in volleyball a team has to win three sets out of five. One team hits the ball to the other team. The objective is to have the ball hit the floor on the other's team's side - then you get a point.

In the Olympics both Volleyball and Beach Volleyball are played by men and women.


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