Modern Pentathlon
By Chris, Gabrielle, Nick F. & Sara

There was a Pentathlon in the ancient Olympic games. The sports were discus throw, javelin, long jump, stadium-length race, and wrestling. When the Olympics returned Baron Pierre de Coubertin wanted to have a Modern Pentathlon. He decided to include Swimming, Fencing, Shooting, Running and Riding. The choice of sports was based on a warrior having to carry a message to the troops during a battle. At the Olympics all five events will take place on one day.

Shooting is a sport which you need all of your concentration. It is held inside at a shooting range. The athletes use a 4.5mm calibre air-pistol and fire on a fixed target at a 10-metre distance. The athlete has to fire 20 shots and they get forty seconds between each shot. The equipment for shooting is a 4.5 mm calibre air-pistol and a sports shirt. The athlete scores between 1-10 on each shot. 

Fencing is a sport that requires self-control and quick thinking. It is also held indoors. The equipment for fencing is a fencing uniform, fencing glove, protective mask and a sword called an epee. The whole body of the athlete is considered a valid target for this objective. In Fencing, each time you get hit by the opponent, they get points added to the total. At the same time you get hit the opponent, the opponent gets one point and you lose 1 point. The athlete fences each of his or her opponents for one minute.

Swimming requires strength, speed and good physical condition. Swimming takes place in an Olympic swimming pools that is 50 meters long. It can be indoors or outdoors. A swimmer needs a swim cap, a swimsuit, and eye goggles. The race is the 200 m freestyle. The fastest swimmer wins.

In Riding the rider and the horse must have the ability to cooperate. It is done on turf, sand or grass. The riding event included in the Modern Pentathlon is a course of 12 jumps that the horse and rider must clear. Riders are given a horse selected at random to use for this part of the competition. The athlete gets 20 minutes to practice with the horse and jump up to five trial jumps. The equipment for Riding is a riding uniform: riding breeches, shirt, riding-coat and boots, a crash helmet/head guard and riding stick (whip.) 

At the end of a very long day the Cross Country Running comes last. Cross-Country Running is a sport that requires stamina and strength. This event is run on a public road and a distance of 3-km (3,000 meters) for both men and women.

The Modern Pentathlon was first included in the 1912 Olympic Games.


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