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Boxing became an Olympic sport in the 23rd Olympic Games which were held in 688 BC. Only men take part in the Olympic boxing competition. In order to box in the Olympics a man must be between 17 and 34 years old. One boxer is matched against another and they box in a rectangular space called a ring. It is about 20 feet x 20 feet. Boxers fight according to what they weigh. There are 11 weight categories. Each boxing match lasts four rounds and each round lasts two minutes. Boxers have a one minute break between rounds. You can win a match by knocking out your opponent, your opponent quitting due to injury, opponent is disqualified, or by scoring more points. You can get a point by impressive fighting and hitting the other boxer. You must punch above the waist. Holding your opponent isn't allowed. You can't hit the back of your opponent's head. You can't hit with any other part of the hand besides the fist is not allowed ether. You can't hit your opponent when he is down. You can't insult your opponent or the referee or you will get disqualified. You can't use the ring ropes in improper way. You wear helmets that protect your head. Boxers must put tape around their wrist to protect their wrists when they are punching. Boxers wear short, shirts, leather boxing gloves, head protection, and shoes. Boxing became an Olympic sport in 1904.


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