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Have you heard of a thrilling sport that is used for hunting and for fun? Well, have you? We have. It's called archery. People (men, women and even children) have to shoot an arrow at a target that is 70 m away. The target face has ten bright and colorful rings. If you're lucky and your arrow lands in the center ring, you score 10 points! According to Greek history, archery was an event even in the ancient times though it was originally used for hunting. In order to play, special equipment is needed. They are listed below.

  • Bow
  • Arrows
  • Target
  • Quiver (the basket that holds the arrows)
  • Arm guards
  • Chest guards
  • Finger tabs

And now for the rules:

Each archer shoots six ends of three arrows at a time, with a maximum of 40 seconds allowed per arrow. The winners go through to the next rounds (1/16, 1/18) until there are only eight archers left. The following round is the quarter final, and in it four ends of three arrows are shot at a time, again with a maximum of 40 seconds allowed per arrow. The four winners then compete in the semi finals and the finals for the bronze, silver and gold medals.

Archery became part of the Olympic competition in 1900. After the 1920 games archery was not an Olympic sport. It returned in 1972. In 1988 team competition was added. In the Olympics there are individual events and team events for men and women. 

We sure did have a great time
teaching you about archery, the sport
that is fun, but


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