Harriet Tubman Crossword #2

by Clare and Kim

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2. Something all slaves got from President Lincoln.
5. A place that Harriet led slaves to.
7. Something that masters offer for slaves to be brought back.
9. Harriet Tubman's dad.
10. A place where they had slaves.
13. A large farm in the south.
14. Harriet Tubman's mom.
1. Many people called Harriet this.
3. Someone who caught slaves and brought slaves back.
4. A conductor on the Underground Railroad.
6. Harriet was one in the Civil War.
8. A paper signed by Abraham Lincoln that freed all the slaves.
10. Someone who owned slaves.
11. Harriet's real name.
12. People put them on houses to let slaves know it was safe to come in.
Answer Key
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