Just in time for Halloween.
Try our Math Word Problems!

Mrs. Taverna's class created math word problems.  Give them a try and see if you can solve them. Click and drag your mouse over the "Answer row" to see if you were right!



There were 19 crazy and selfish boys going to Hogwart to do some magic. There were 7 vampires there to destroy Hogwart School. How many crazy boys and vampires are there in all?   by Himani

Answer:                   19 + 7 = 26 


I saw a scary haunted house and 5 bats flew right into it and then I saw two more bats fly into the haunted house. How many bats did I see in all? by Nicole

Answer:              5 + 2 = 7


There were 11 horrid Frankensteins playing creepy baseball in a graveyard. 11 bloody vampires came to play. How many in all? by Philip

Answer:            11 + 11 = 22         


There were 17 stupid, nice, pumpkins playing crazy football. 24 mean, mad, sarcastic bats come along to join them. How many pumpkins and bats in all? by Nicholas

Answer:              17 + 24 = 41


There were 10 mad looking jack-o-lanterns in a basketball game. 20 screeching cats joined in the game. How many jack-o-lanterns are cats were there in all? by Jaya

Answer:           10 + 20 = 30       


There were 10 fire-breathing dragons in a wrestling match. Two flying bats were fighting them. How many are in all? by Rajiv

Answer:              10 + 2 = 12      


There are 3 spooky dead mummies in a tomb.12 spooky dead mummies help them get out to spook people.
How many spooky dead mummies in all? by Jennifer

Answer:            3 + 12 = 15        


8 scary, creepy vampires are walking in the road. 8 more vampires come along to walk with them to the graveyard. How many vampires are there in all?  by Alisha

Answer:             8 + 8 = 16     


There were 22 white ghosts that were hit with a ball. 7 spooky skeletons were hit with a ball too. How many ghosts and skeletons were hit in all?   by Rachel

Answer:            22 + 7 = 29        


There were 6 ghosts at the Halloween ball. 6 more spirits came though the wall to dance. How many ghosts and spirits are there in all at ball?   by Nikki

Answer:            6 + 6 = 12      


There are 13 bloody vampires and 9 bad devils in a spooky and scary haunted house. How many bad devils and bloody vampires are in the haunted house?   by AJ

Answer:              13 + 9 = 21    


There were 4 nasty wizards in the spooky, deadly, creepy graveyard. 4 mean and scary ghosts came along. How many in all?   by Alex

Answer:            4 + 4 = 8       


There were 10 bony skeletons playing soccer on the field. There were 2 goblins playing silly soccer. How many skeletons and goblins are playing soccer in all?   by Samantha We.

Answer:             10 + 2 = 12         


There are 15 friendly black cats on the haunted house roof. 10 fuzzy brown bats joined them on the roof. How many cats and bats in all on the roof?   by Miranda

Answer:               15 + 10 = 25


On Halloween night there were 9 scary skeletons and 5 ugly ghost in the graveyard. How many in all?  by Noah

Answer:              9 + 5 = 14    


There were 16 black cats in a haunted house. 11 more evil devils jumped into the chimney that led to the haunted living room. How many cats and devils are there in all?  by Samantha Wi.

Answer:              16 + 11 = 27    


I saw 10 ghosts' dogs in the graveyard. Then I saw 10 more ghosts' dogs come into the yard. How many ghosts' dogs in all?   by Sara

Answer:            10 + 10 = 20      


There were 6 spooky, white ghost chasing an evil black cat. 6 more screaming devils came along to help them. How many ghosts and devils were chasing the cat?   by Jonathan

Answer:            6 + 6 = 12      


There were 9 ghosts in a haunted hose. 9 more ghosts floated into the house through the window. How many ghosts are there in all?   by Kara

Answer:            9 + 9 = 18      


There were 5 scary ghosts in a haunted house. 5 more came in. How many ghosts in all?   by Daniel

Answer:            5 + 5 = 10      


I saw 10 spooky vampires that were playing pumpkin volleyball and they were versus 4 flying witches. How many vampires and witches in all?   by Caroline

Answer:            10 + 4 = 14