Halloween Poems


5 W Poems
Each line in this type of poem answers one of the 5 W's. (Who? What? When? Where? Why?)

The Black cat (who)
Went trick or treating (what)
At midnight (when)
Outside (were)
To get candy (why)
By Asma

A spiky headed devil (who)
Broke my favorite transformer
On Halloween night (when)
In my wrecked up basement
To make me mad!
By Asa

The headless zombie (who)
Went trick-or-treating (what)
On a cold full moon night (when)
In a haunted graveyard (where)
Because he was going back into his coffin. (why)
By Cole C.

A scary vampire (who)
Sucks blood (what)
When there's a full moon (when)
In a dark and creepy haunted house (where)
Because he loves to drink blood (why)
by Cole D.

Frankenstein (who)
Scared the kids (what)
On Sunday night (when)
In a scary haunted house (where)
To do a Halloween dance. (why)
By Bella

The pink furry troll (who)
Jumped around (what)
At the glossy moon (when)
At the Halloween school dance (where)
Because she wanted to party! (why)
by Jordyn

The Headless Horseman (who)
Was riding his big horse (what)
At midnight (when)
In the dark scary (where)
To kidnap a trick-or-treater. (why)
By Barrett

The spikey reaper (who)
The spikey reaper sliced some one (what)
On Sunday (when)
In the graveyard (where)
Because that is what spikey reapers do. (why)
By Robert

The mummy (who)
Was trying to get my candy (what)
On Sunday Halloween night (when)
Next to my friend's house (where)
Because he loves candy.
By Jacqueline

The scary mummy (who)
Scared the children (what)
On Halloween night (when)
At my house (where)
For no reason (why)
by Phillip

A friendly vampire (who)
Tried to kidnap my sweet mom (what)
Late last night (when)
In my big, big mansion (where)
Because he wanted a loving wife. (why)
By Johsua

A scrappy mummy, a warlock, a see-through ghost, colorful alien and me (who)
Flew to outer space (what)
At 12:00 midnight on a dark, eerie and moonless Halloween (when)
In a blazing red and white rocket (where)
Because we wanted to trick-or-treat on all the other planets. Including the sun, moon, earth and other planets in other solar systems. Also the things that fly in the air called meteorites I think. (why)
By Arjun

The headless horseman (who)
Ran through the wall (what)
On Halloween night (when)
In an unknown haunted castle (where)
Because he wanted to scare people (why)
By Jackson

Cole and Christopher (who)
Went for a long walk (what)
On Sunday night (when)
In bloody graveyard (where)
Because they wanted to find a hand poking out of the ground! (why)
By Chris

Billy (who)
Went into the haunted castle (what)
On Halloween night (when)
In a dark and creepy graveyard (where)
To look for unknown goblins (why)
By Billy

The slimy ghoul (who)
Was following my footsteps (what)
At the second of Halloween night (when)
At the Legends of Creepy Hollow (were)
Because he wanted to take all my sweet candy! That was not fair. (why)
By Olivia

A 100 eyed monster (who)
Went pumpkin picking (what)
On Halloween night (where)
At the graveyard (where)
To scare people (why)
By Domenic

The bizarre Vampiress (who)
Scared me (what)
At midnight on Halloween (when)
In my dark house (where)
To be my friend. (why)
By Elena


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