Ships during the Revolutionary War Time Period



During the 1770'S people saw many different boats and ships in Boston Harbor. They knew what they were called by their descriptions. Match the ships with the descriptions given below.

1. Barkentine: a vessel with three masts, square-rigged on the fore mast and fore-and-aft rigged on the other two masts.

2. Bark: a vessel with three masts, square-rigged, except for the mizzen mast which was fore-and-aft rigged.

3. Brig: a vessel with two masts, with square sails and a gaff spanker on the main mast. They were used in the West Indies for trade.

4. Cutter: a fast sailing vessel with one mast or two masts.

5. Brigantine: a vessel with two masts,  brig-rigged except for a fore-and aft mainsail.

6. Merchantman: a trading vessel.

7. Snow: a square-rigged ship with two masts closely resembling a brig.

8. Frigate: a fast, medium sized sailing vessel carrying from 20 - 60 guns, used as a war vessel from 1650 - 1840.

9. Schooner: usually a ship with two masts. Sometimes a schooner had three, sometimes four masts. They were fast ships used for carrying cargo as well as for fighting.

10. Wherry: a light boat for fishing or racing.


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