December is My Favorite Month

December is my favorite month because of Christmas and the winter season.

I feel really excited to open my gifts on Christmas. I look carefully and notice the perfect tree to take home and decorate. December is also my favorite month because I can spend time with my family. It is fun to play with cousins. Having a Christmas dinner is nice because your favorite foods are on the table. I listen and I hear the beautiful Christmas music downstairs. I take a deep breath and smell the great cookies we baked.

When I go outside with my family I feel the fresh snow. I gasp when I see winter. When I touch the clear ice it seems so delicate. When I close my eyes I can almost taste the warm, hot chocolate. Jumping, and running in the snow, I have a wild snow ball fight.

As you can see December is my favorite month because there is Christmas, family, and winter.

by Mackenzie

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