December is my Favorite Month

December is my favorite month because I can enjoy Christmas, family and winter.

Christmas is an exciting time. The fun thing to do on Christmas is listening to songs like Jingle Bells. When I open the gifts I feel delighted and eager to get them. I gaze at the sparkly, shiny, gold, red and green decorations hanging on the Christmas tree. I canít believe my eyes when I see the lights sparkling outside my window. I smack my lips because the delicious gingerbread cookie melts in my mouth.

Our big family comes together too. Our family gives each other gifts. We have a Christmas dinner. I can smell my Auntís cookies and cake.

I love the snow when I can have snowball fights and lie in the snow. I feel the soft snow in my cold hands.

December is my favorite month because I celebrate Christmas, spend time with family and enjoy winter.

by Kevin

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