December is My Favorite Month

December is my favorite month because my family celebrates Christmas, we spend a lot of time together, and I like the winter season.

Christmas is special to me. I canít believe the sight of the shiny, sparkling ornaments on the tree. On Christmas morning, I can see all of the presents under the tree.

Winter is a great season. I can see all of the snowflakes come down slowly on to the ground. I enjoy the feeling of the freezing snow blowing in my face while I snowboard. Standing quietly, I look at the beautiful views, but I have to watch out for my brother sneaking up with a snowball.

My family spends a lot of time together doing many fun things. My stomach growls as I make ginger bread men. I couldnít help but notice how much time Iíve been spending with my family.

It is clear to see, December is my favorite month because of Christmas, winter, and family.

by Connor


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