December is my Favorite Month

December is my favorite month because of Christmas, family and winter.

Christmas is a special time of year. When I give presents to my family I feel cheerful. When I decorate the tree it looks gorgeous. I peer at the gold patterned presents under the tree. My mouth waters when I sniff the special fruity Guatemalan drink. I dance and listen close to the Christmas jazz music.

Christmas is a special time of year because I spend it with my family. Mom, dad, and I go to stores and buy presents for friends, family, uncles and cousins. I am contented when my family and I open presents and play with them. My family and I will be jolly when we play special Christmas games.

December is also an awesome time of year because itís the winter season. I go snowboarding on hills where there is a lot of snow and we do tricks.

By Bany


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