February 17, 1787

Dear Members of Congress,

The Articles of Confederation are creating a chaotic and weak government. All thirteen states rule their own state and we are becoming extremely divided. Each state has their own money and now Congress can not collect taxes. I am writing to you in order to inform you of some amendments that I believe could help our Articles of Confederation.

We do not have one type of currency which should be the Continentals. It will be hard for the states to trade with thirteen different currency types. Collecting taxes will also be hard because money from different states all has a different value. Congress has to make one kind of currency for all thirteen states so that we can begin working and acting like one united country.

Congress can not collect taxes from the states. We will not be able to pay off debts to other countries which will lead to foreign countries not trading with us. Our forces will be weak because we won’t be able to pay our soldiers and they won’t fight or they will lead to another Revolutionary War. It is our responsibility to pay soldiers for all that they’ve done and what a shame if we can not do this. This will happen because no one will pay Congress taxes. We have to make a branch that will enforce laws that will order people to pay taxes.

There is no one to bring criminals to justice. Criminals will be running loose and keep doing bad things. We must elect officials who will enforce laws and build courts that will solve state conflicts. If we do not do this people may lose personal items and maybe lives. I believe a solution for this may be to develop a branch of government who will create laws and enforce them as well.

These major problems solved one by one may lead to great things. If we make one currency, build courts, elect officials and collect taxes, we will see great accomplishments! If we do not fix these problems we will fall apart into thirteen separate pieces.

Best regards,

George Washington


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