Philadelphia, PA

                                                                               February 7, 1787


Dear Members of Congress,

      I, George Washington, know that there are there are many problems with the Articles of Confederation. Congress MUST change them. One of them is that the soldiers are not getting paid. The weak Congress cannot repay the debts to other countries either, and there is nobody to carry out or interpret laws. In order to fix them Congress should make a law that says you must pay taxes. I also want them to get a president and some judges so they can carry out or interpret the laws.

      The soldiers that just fought in the Revolutionary War that risked their lives to save ours demand to be paid for their hard brave work. Congress does not have the money to pay them with because they did not have a way to create any funds. Congress needed make money by printing a lot more of our countries money. Then they can pay the soldiers that fought bravely.

      There was nobody to carry out or interpret laws. Congress could not pass or interpret laws because we did not have an executive or judicial branch. We did not have an executive and judicial branch because we did not have a president or judge. It is important to have a president and judge so they can carry out or interpret the laws. The solution for that was that we got a president and judge over the passed long years.

      In fact, in about five-ten years if we do not change these things the thirteen states will become thirteen countries. If Congress does not fix the Articles of Confederation the states will not be one union. If Congress does change them all thirteen states will form as one happy union.

                              General George Washington


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