February 3, 1787

Dear Members of Congress,

The Articles of Confederation are creating a lot of chaos that is weakening our government. We must amend the Articles of Confederation for a better and stronger government. The three important problems I would like to address are: How you cannot collect taxes, how Shay’s rebellion can start another revolution, and how we need a better way to pass laws.

Congress cannot collect taxes from the states to pay soldiers and debts. All the soldiers and countries we owe will go against us if we can’t pay them. As a result of taxes, we will be able to pay debts and soldiers.

Shay’s rebellion shows the anger of the farmers in Massachusetts. If we let this situation grow, there might be a "coup de tat."(A sudden, quick overthrow of government by a small group.) You must understand that the farmers are being taxed too much. When they pay such expensive taxes, they can’t pay debts. This leads them to being thrown in jail and loosing their farms. If this makes the farmers mad enough to attack the courthouse in spring field, they might get angry enough to attack you! We were a ragged army and so are they, we won the war, and so could they! Please ask the state of Massachusetts to lower their taxes.

The way we pass laws is silly, 9 out of 13 states have to agree that the law is a good law. That is a lot of states and many people often disagree. We need less people to agree if a law is acceptable.

If you take my opinions into consideration and make the appropriate amendments, our government will be strengthened and our people will be able to live in peace and prosperity. Only then will other countries look up to us, trade with us, and believe in us.


George Washington
(Shirin )

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