February 4, 1787


Dear Congress,

As the General of war, I fought for the freedom of this country. I feel overwhelmed and disappointed about how our country is falling apart. The Articles of Confederation is a big mistake and has caused many problems. Congress does not have control over how taxes are paid. Congress and states can make their own money/value system. States are fighting over boundary lines. I want the Congress to help establish equality between all states.

My first problem with The Articles of Confederation is that different states can make their own money values. This creates a problem because if a person or individual went to another state to buy a product, the person could either pay more or less money than in their own state. For example, if a person needed to buy some flour, they could be told that they do not have enough money because the prices are different. I think that congress should make money values equal in every state.

The second problem I have with The Articles of Confederation is that states are fighting over boundary lines. This allows people to make up their own laws. States need boundary lines to separate one state from another state. The government should make new boundaries that divide the states evenly.

I hope the Congress will make some changes to The Articles of Confederation. According to the laws that make up The Articles of Confederation, they allow states to make rules for themselves. I believe as the Congress you should take control of the government and lead our country.


George Washington


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