February 2, 1788

Dear Members of Congress,

I am writing you because the Articles of Confederation are creating chaos that weakens our central government. We must amend the Articles of Confederation, to create a much stronger government. The states should not be ruling our country, Congress should.

One reason why Congress should amend the Articles of Confederation is that Congress canít collect taxes from the states to pay the soldiers and the statesí debts. Each state has a different currency so we cannot collect an equal amount of taxes. If the states have different kinds of currencies then it makes it hard to collect the taxes. All the soldiers and the countries, who we owe, will go against us if we do not pay them. For example, France will probably want to attack us because we didnít pay them the money we owe them for helping us with the Revolutionary War. A way to solve this problem is that Congress should enforce a law saying that all states should have the same currency. Then Congress can collect the taxes.

Another reason why Congress should amend the Articles of Confederation is that Shayís rebellion can create a whole new revolution. If the farmers donít pay the taxes then they will go to jail. The farmers in jail wonít be able to grow food for the country. This anger can grow and eventually overthrow the government. Farmers might form a coup dẻ tat. A coup dẻ tat is an overthrow of government that happens quickly by a small group. A way to solve this problem is that Congress should not put people in jail for having debts. Congress should tell everyone that they can pay their taxes gradually.

Lastly, without a leader, but not a king, we cannot carry out the laws. If we donít get a leader soon, the country will get so chaotic that when we do get a leader it wonít help us at all. Since we donít have a leader we canít carry out any laws because there is no leader or president to do this. A way to solve this problem is that Congress should make an executive branch to get a president or leader to carry out the laws.

You can easily see, the Articles of Confederation need to be amended. If you donít make these changes soon then the whole county will get out of control and will get really weak. I hope that Congress makes these changes as quickly as possible. If you make these changes then our country will be a whole lot better. Congress will be able to collect the taxes from the states, there wonít be a whole new revolution and there will be a leader for the country. United we stand divided we fall. If we donít unite then there will be 13 different countries instead of 13 states and one nation. Do you want to have these problems?

From Your Revolutionary War Leader,

George Washington



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