February 3, 1787

Dear Congress,

I am writing to show my deep concern that the Articles of Confederation arenít helping the government do its job. This is creating a weak government, making farmers go on strike, and countries are soon going to attack because of our weak government. The states have their own government and this isnít working out as one nation. The Articles are quickly loosing the ability to, collect taxes to pay debts it owes, congress cant carry out and decide if laws are fair, and lastly the country is loosing the ability to trade inside and out of our country. The Articles of confederation have to change.

Our first problem is the government isnít collecting taxes. This wonít allow the government to function properly. This also makes the government unable to pay soldiers, farmers, and the debts we owe to other countries for helping us. This can get these groups of people mad. Farmers are going on strike, creating their own army, and stealing weapons because their farms are being seized. They are getting thrown in jail if they donít pay for the government. This can turn into another revolution. An acceptable solution to this is to make a law stating citizens must pay reasonable taxes.

The next problem is there is no one to execute and enforce the laws that Congress makes. The laws that Congress makes are pointless because there is no one to enforce the laws if they are broken. So people can get away with doing whatever they want. There is also no one to carry out the laws and decide if they are fair. So any law can be okay if the states ratify it even if it is not good for the U.S. The solution to this major problem is to make one major court system and make a branch of government that carries out laws.

The last major problem is the country cannot trade inside and out of the country. This wonít allow us to gain supplies in other states and countries. The states are printing their own money, so when some one wants to pays someone in another state this leads to a huge argument. We canít trade with other countries because they think our government is falling apart. This wonít allow the U.S. to gain supplies only found in other countries. There is one currency, that is printed by congress and is national, but has lost its value. This wonít let citizens in separate states, trade evenly. One solution to this problem is to create one currency that has the same value as the statesí currency, and to pass a law that says that the states have to stop printing their own money.

If none of this happens our government will fall apart and become 13 separate countries. If this does happen our government could have one strong central government and we could have the respect and dignity this country deserves. We together represent the United States of America!


George Washington



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