Philadelphia, PA

February 7, 1787

Dear Members of Congress,

The Articles of Confederation must change. Congress cannot collect taxes, which means they will have trouble running the government. Our country is also in debt. If we are in debt, other countries will not want to trade with us. We also cannot afford to pay the soldiers that fought for us in the Revolutionary War. Congress needs to fix these issues among many others. In order to do this, the Articles of Confederation need to be changed. Do you want to see our country fall apart; was this your idea of a country?

Congress can not collect taxes. The soldiers are not being paid and we have not repaid our debts to France and the other countries who helped us win the Revolutionary War. Congress should create a law to require the states and citizens to pay taxes to the national government.

Congress can not pass laws. They are having trouble running the country. The legislature needs nine out of thirteen votes to pass any law. You should have seven out of thirteen, just over 50% which is a better way to get a yes to pass laws.

The states are printing their own money. This is causing chaos for business and trading between the states. The different money is causing confusion in values (New York)-1.00= 1.50-(New Jersey). Congress must make the same kind of money for all the states.

These reasons prove that our Articles of Confederation are not working and they need to change. If you donít change the Articles, our country will collapse. We will stay divided instead of become united.



George Washington


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