Philadelphia, PA

February 19, 1787

Dear Members of Congress,

The Articles of Confederation are not working in our country. Congress can not collect taxes which meanís it has difficulty with our government. Our government is getting weaker and not one bit stronger since the states have too much power. Are three main problems are collecting taxes, angry farmers, congress cannot pass laws.

One difficulty is Congress can not collect taxes from states Soldiers are angry because they havenít been paid when they just fought war. Other countries also havenít been paid past debts. States are paying what they want because they have their own power. What we should do is make states pay regularly make a National tax.

Another problem is we Have angry farmers because congress is putting high taxes on them to get money. Shayís rebellion is complaining for the high taxes and is being put in jail for not paying the taxes. What we should do is no prison control taxes because congress is putting high taxes.

Congress cannot pass laws. Nine out of thirteen votes are needed. We will have trouble running the countries we should not put more tax on the states. What we should do to make it easier is maybe for the vote maybe seven out of thirteen votes so we do not need that much votes.

That is why there is a problem with the articles of confederation and we should fix it for are future generations. So we can have a stronger government. And so what got destroyed in the war we can fix. And so we can get money to build new roads. So we can be one big country united together. We should fix because the states have too much power. I hope you understood me and will listen to me and fix the Articles of confederation.

                                                 General George Washington

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